How the school is managed

Wynstones has adopted an approach to leadership that embraces a flat management structure with the headship of the school split across three accountable positions, the College Education Manager, School Education Manager (Compliance) and the School Business Manager. There is a strong tradition of collaborative working in this school based on traditional Steiner collegial working practice.

In March 2019 Stephen Holland was appointed as Principal of Wynstones, to work with all three managers in a collegial way to oversee the running of our school.

The management team

The School Education Manager (SEM) - holds overall responsibility for educational compliance including the quality of teaching and learning in the school. Mr Paul Tallentire was appointed in January 2019.

The School Business Manager (SBM) - holds overall responsibility for business/operational matters. Mrs Faye Sieracki was appointed in January 2017.

The College Education Manager (CEM) –holds overall responsibility for the evolution and the quality of the Steiner curriculum  together with the Steiner ethos within the school, this is achieved through the processes and operation of the College of Teachers. The College Education Manager works collaboratively with the School Education Manager in the area of Teaching, Learning & Assessment. Mrs Marianna Law-Lindberg is currently holding the post as Acting CEM.

The Principal oversees the work of all three managers. 

School Management

The School Leadership Team – Chaired by the SEM and responsible for the implementation of the School Development Plan working closely with the following: 

The Wellbeing Group – Chaired by the Designated Safeguarding Lead and incorporating the following teams, SEND, Safeguarding, Pastoral & Medical Officer.

The College of Teachers – Chaired by the CEM. College roles and responsibilities are designated to Mandate holders who are individually responsible for the work they are assigned.

The Chairs of Kindi, Lower School and Upper School take individual responsibility for planning the school year with their colleagues, together with the day to day responsibility for the smooth  running of the school.

The Business Support Team – Chaired by the SBMin support of the functional day to day running of the school and responsible for Legal, H&S, HR, IT, Estates, Finance, Admissions, Outreach, Communications & Strategic planning as delegated by the Trustees.

The Education Support Team – Chaired by the SEM in support of the functional day to day running of the school in the area of Education including Deployment, responsible for general administration support and Examinations.

The Trustees and School Council

Wynstones is an educational charity and its trustees, working through the School Council, monitor and manage key strategies for the healthy and progressive development of the school. The trustees are the charity’s appointed directors and ultimately hold responsibility for all legal obligations and strategic governance of the school. The School Council’s role (includes Trustees and key staff members) is strategic, whereas the operational management is delegated to the: School Principal, School Education Manager (SEM) School Business Manager (SBM) and College Education Manager (CEM). The various responsibilities are defined in the Scheme of Delegation

Our collective commitment is that:

The School Council, aims to support the educational excellence and wellbeing of the staff, the wellbeing of pupils and the interests of parents. It holds itself accountable to the Association to see that Wynstones (a) achieves its desired aims, and (b) avoids unacceptable actions and situations that compromise its strategic aims.

The Chair of Trustees, Ted Yates, can be contacted on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.