The Parent and Child Group

In an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness, parents and carers bring babies and toddlers to our morning sessions.  These run five days a week.

Here they can experience some Kindergarten activities such as simple seasonal crafts, food preparation, stories, singing and games. In these popular sessions parents can get to know the school, meet other parents and learn about Steiner Waldorf Education.

The room setting is just like any home, with a gentle colour scheme and natural materials. Children and parents/carers are encouraged to change into slippers to reinforce the feeling of being ‘at home’. When it is outdoor time, a hat, weather proof clothing and a pair of boots will keep children warm as well as let them fully enjoy puddles, mud, sand, trees …


Rhythms of the day and the year

From the time they arrive, children soon know what to expect and comfortably slip into the rhythm that characterises the morning in the parent and child group. The regularity of activities enables them to fit in easily and be secure. At this age of imitation the little ones delight in helping to prepare snack and then in washing up afterwards.

In the Parent & Child Group, the cycle of the year is followed and festivals are celebrated. Observing nature is the key to knowing the season has moved on. A craft or activity is the centre of the celebration at this stage.

Ways to find out more...

For more information or to book a taster session please leave your name and contact number by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sending a text message to 07722 429 817, we will get back to you either by email or a phone call.